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   * [[jdmprog|Moja próba zrozumienia programatora JDM]]   * [[jdmprog|Moja próba zrozumienia programatora JDM]]
-  * [[arudinoprog|Programator PIC na Arduino]] +  * [[arudinoprog|Programator PIC na Arduino]] ​{{:​gbr_flag.png?​nolink|}} 
-  * [[arudinoprog2|Programator PIC na Arduino v2 EN]]+  * [[arudinoprog2|Programator PIC na Arduino v2]] {{:​gbr_flag.png?​nolink|}}
   * [[http://​​id/​DIY-1-PIC-12f675-JDM-Programmer-Cheap-and-Easy/?​ALLSTEPS|Programator JDM na port COM]]   * [[http://​​id/​DIY-1-PIC-12f675-JDM-Programmer-Cheap-and-Easy/?​ALLSTEPS|Programator JDM na port COM]]
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